Part time ‘Meeting Maker’

This is a great opportunity for a skilled communicator with a professional manner to work  from home on a part time basis with our fabulous client – a company who help small businesses and entrepreneurs to transform their business growth and their personal impact by using soft-selling skills. 

Overall purpose

In one sentence, you are a generator of qualified sales leads. Your key purpose is to make contact with individuals within organisations and achieve the following:

  • Secure exploratory F2F ‘first meetings’ between your B2B client and the companies they wish to target
  • Gather sales intelligence by fact-finding and asking for further information, build an overall picture of purchasing activity, behavior and opportunities
  • Provide a pro-active admin resource to support the setting of meetings between your client and the prospect, acting as the ‘go-between’


What does it take to be a Meeting Maker?

We are looking for confident, organized and outgoing individuals that enjoy building relationships with people.  You need to possess great tenacity and determination, and the right mindset to resist taking ‘no’ as a personal rejection.  Your ability to remain focused, whilst working alone is essential.  You must enjoy the thrill of the chase!

You must love your admin, and be very careful about attention to detail. Your organizational skills will be a key strength on this job.

You must have excellent phone skills, showing warmth and patience in every call.  Your professionalism and politeness will make you stand out from the crowd – we expect you to be a brand ambassador for your client.

You should understand the business landscape, and what makes it tick. You need to understand corporate etiquette and how to make a sensitive, and personlised approach to every contact on your database.

You should be inquisitive – not nosy!  You should be curious about business, and those who work there. You are effectively a researcher, trying to find the sales angle for your client.

You should have sound IT skills, being able to work in Excel or Insightly (a database platform that you will be given training on).  You must have a working knowledge of key Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and others.

And finally, more than anything – you must believe that what you are doing is valuable and take pride in your work.


The ‘kit’ that you will need

You will need access to a landline and / or mobile – you must be willing to give the number out as a point of contact for anyone that might want to get hold of you as part of your role as a Meeting Maker.  You will also need a laptop/desktop computer, with the ability to run Excel software.  You will need to set up a separate email account/inbox for each of your clients (login details provided by your client).

You should have a dedicated workspace – certainly somewhere that you can concentrate and won’t be interrupted by the rest of the household.  It’s essential that you are able to conduct yourself professionally at all times, without the kids in the background or the sound of your partners’ drill or hairdryer!


Your hours

Although the working day is technically 9am to 5pm, the best calling times may fluctuate.  As long as you have done your agreed hours, we are fairly flexible in terms of when you get those hours done in-between your other commitments.  This is a flexible role, and you will be responsible for keeping your own timesheets.   Your client will specify how many hours a day/week/month/year they would like you to work. These hours may fluctuate depending on workloads, and the client’s ability to fulfill the meetings you set them!


Training and preparation for the role

You will receive full training to help you adapt to this new role.  We will offer a full induction, which will include things such as call handling skills, written sales skills, database building and also behavioural characteristics coaching.  We will always be on hand to discuss any challenges you have, or just to bounce ideas around.


Your fee

Your fee  will be based on your experience and the number of hours the client wishes to commission.  Typical hourly rates for Meeting Makers range from £20 per hour through to £40 per hour, depending on experience.  You will either be paid on a ‘project basis’ (on completion), or on a rolling monthly basis, depending on the nature of the contract you are on.


A typical day in the life of a Meeting Maker

You start the day for client A at 10am, based at your desk in your home office.  You have been tasked with getting the client meetings with financial services companies based in South Wales and the West (Bristol etc).  You’re researching the companies before you make the call to ensure you understand how they tick, and as this is a new project, you are also building the ‘intelligence’ on the clients database as you make calls.

You might be finding new people with organisations to talk to – new budget holders, and you may find out (by chatting to the PA) that there is a large project about to kick off.  All this information is recorded onto the clients’ prospect database.  In the 2 hours you’ve been asked to work for the client that day, you’ve made nearly 20 calls and managed to secure two qualified meetings.


If you’re interested in finding out more please call Claire Alexander on  07753 625944, or email your CV to