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Claire and Judith of PTP discuss flexible working on BBC Radio Scotland

Rise of the part-time professional

Talent is expensive. However, in these difficult times it is vital for businesses to employ experienced people who can add value and make a real difference.

So how can they make senior staff more affordable? The solution is to pay them for two or three days a week, instead of the full five.

There is no shortage of willing professionals – including 500,000 women who are out of work because they cannot find jobs that fit with their family – eager to take on senior roles on a part-time basis.
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14 million Britons who want flexible working compete for a ‘handful’ of jobs

A major new study, announced today at Google’s London headquarters, has found Britain lacks flexible working options – just a year on from a change in the law that allows employees to request flexible working patterns.
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The Part-time Paradox

The way that we work in the UK has undergone a fundamental shift. More than a quarter of people in employment (27 per cent1 ), are now in part time jobs – the highest level seen since records began.
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