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Attract a wider pool of talent

The labour market is changing – businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to find good staff, and the demand for flexible working has never been greater.

Savvy businesses are starting to understand that to attract the right staff, they will need to adapt to this demand.

People have all sorts of reasons for wanting – or needing – to work part time.  It’s not only women with families, it’s men who want to take a bigger role in their childrens’ upbringing, it’s people with portfolio careers, other interests, people who just want a better balance.

So there are a huge number of educated, skilled, experienced, committed professionals who are willing and able to make a big contribution, but who just can’t be in the office Monday to Friday 9 til 5.30.

Understanding ‘Part time’

Part time is not necessarily half time – it is anything less than standard full time hours – whether that’s 4.5 days a week, 3 days a week, condensed hours, 20 hours over 5 days – all of these are part time.


From an employer’s perspective there are some real commercial benefits to employing professional staff on a part time basis:

  • It’s cost effective
    We know that talent is expensive. By employing senior, experienced staff on a part time basis, employers get much more value than they would by employing more junior staff full time.
  • It’s a recruitment tool
    Advertising for part time roles can actually attract more – and better quality – candidates.
  • Longevity and more productive
    Research shows that part time staff stay longer in their roles and are more productive during their working hours than their full time candidates.
  • Fewer sick days
    There is evidence that part time staff take fewer sick days


  • It doesn’t need to be extra work for a business
  • Questions about holiday entitlement, benefits packages can all be easily answered.
  • What happens when the employee is not there
    There are always times when staff are out of the office, in meetings, or on holiday. Professional part time staff make sure they clearly communicate their working hours and organise their workload accordingly. We have clear helpful guidelines to make things easier.

Why use Part Time Professionals?

  • We already have a number of high quality candidates on our books.
  • We interview each and every candidate we put forward to make sure they are right for your business.
  • You won’t be charged a penny until we find the right candidate for you.
  • Our placement fee is lower than traditional recruitment companies.

Let us help you use the power of the part time professional:

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