About PTP

PTP was started in autumn 2016 by Claire Alexander, who was joined soon afterwards by Judith Mackenzie, both from Portobello in Edinburgh.

“I realised there were a huge number of skilled, experienced professionals who were not fulfilling their potential because of the lack of flexible job opportunities” Claire explains.

“Neither of us has a recruitment background, but as we studied the market we realised that companies were better able to attract and retain high-quality professionals and reduce wage bills and hiring costs if they offered flexible working options,” Claire says.

Co-director Judith Mackenzie adds: “We also discovered a huge pool of professional men and women who wanted to work at a level that matched their skill sets and experience, but on a part time basis on pro-rata pay. Some want to support their families, some want time to pursue another income or interest, while others want to ease back their workload as they get older.”Judith

“We put both these two factors together, and realised we could create real benefits to employers while finding meaningful roles for people like us. The launch of Part time Professionals is the result”, says Judith.

Since its launch late 2016, PTP has already placed professionals in the charity sector, the engineering sector and in sales and marketing roles.